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Sold all 50 copies of UNCS

Wow, what a ride this has been… I have learned tons about the process of selling a product on line, and have also enjoyed bringing something so powerful to those who bought it. Thanks again to everyone who has been supporting me both through the donation functions of this site, and through the purchase of Continue Reading

Script/Site Error Solving

Here’s a little something that can work both as a security feature if enabled, and a debugging tool if disabled. Anywhere you have include statements (especially your satellite index.php if using my method), you can use the @ symbol to determine if errors are output to the browser, or hidden (suppressed). So for example, this: Continue Reading

Free article CMS software

Hi everyone… sorry for the lengthy absence, I’ve had a TON going on. Between “normal” end-of-the-year stuff, creating and supporting sales of my method for centralized control of NicheCreator sites, my other business ventures, and a zillion other things, I just haven’t sat down to write here recently. But, you know me… I love free Continue Reading