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A decent ping list at last?

If you do anything online with blogs, you no doubt know (or sure as heck SHOULD know!) that you need to ping the various blog update services, so that you can get more spider activity to your blog. The trouble is, so many “sploggers” and the like have hammered the update directories so much that many of them are either not accepting pings at all anymore, or have pretty severe spam filters in place. So far every ping list I’ve ever seen for people to use in their blogging software has contained sites that either specifically blacklist anyone who pings, or just plain don’t accept your ping at all, wasintg your bandwidth & server resources.

Well, I just came upon this post which seems to have a tidy, core, recently-updated list of ping services for us all to use. Very handy, I’m implementing this list now… my old list is a rather huge mess.

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Name: macroking

2 thoughts on “A decent ping list at last?

  • Note the comments under that list

    # Phillip Pearson Says:
    September 5th, 2005 at 7:50 pm

    The Topic Exchange no longer accepts pings on /RPC2 due to the load on the site caused by floods of pings from spammers. (We now only accept pings through the feedmesh – and even then, not all the time). So don’t bother with http://topicexchange.com/RPC2 – pinging that no longer does anything.

  • macroking Post author

    Good info Jonathan, thanks for bringing it to my attention! Maintaining a good ping list is such a near impossible task, I’m about ready to give up and go back to Pingomatic only! 🙂


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