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A few favorite Excel tricks…

You may or may not know about the CONCATENATE function in Excel. Basically for those who don’t, what it does is allow you to “stitch” things together from different cels. For example, if I were to put the formula:


into a cel, the results would be the contents of those 4 cels (a1 through d1) all together in one cel. But, what if those cels each contained a word? The results might be messy, like this:


What if I want spaces between the words? Well fortunately that’s easy… it would be something like this:

=concatenate(a1,” “,b1,” “,c1,” “,d1)

The result would be:

word1 word2 word3 word4

But there’s another way to concatenate that’s even easier… use the “&” symbol! Example:

=a1&” “&a2&” “&a3&” “&a4

That would accomplish the exact same thing as the example immediately above. This can be especially handy if you combine using some absolute cels, and some relative cels. For example:

$a$1 would mean that the contents are ABSOLUTE and will ALWAYS reflect the value that is in cel a1, no matter where on the sheet the formula is placed.

Spend some time searching through the Excel help files… just type the name of a command into the help bar, you’ll be amazed at how thorough the help file is in getting you where you need to go! And of course if that isn’t enough, do go check out Mr. Excel, it’s got the best Excel forum I’ve ever seen.

Happy automating!

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