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And now for something completely different…

… A man playing Polo on a Segway!

Wait – back up. Did he just say playing polo? On a Segway?? What the – ?

Yes, that’s right. Here is a small glimpse into my “real” life, such as it is. Check out the official Segway Polo Website. This is not a joke. Oh and if you don’t even know what a Segway is, you can learn about them here at the Segway Corporate Website.

To answer your next question – it’s a long story. 😉 But you can get the basics of it at the SegPolo website above. Now, here’s the exciting part:

The First Annual World SegPolo Games is scheduled to be played in New Zealand in February! Yes, that’s right… we’re going International! Well, we already were international actually since there are teams now in a bunch of countries, but this will be the first actual match between any of these international teams. Officially, it’s slated to be USA v. New Zealand, and I have heard rumours that the Australian and Chinese teams might show up too. This has rapidly grown to be something far bigger than I would ever have imagined, and as such has picked up quite a large amount of media interest.

Which brings us to the “real” thrust of this post. We (the Silicon Valley SegPolo Team) are potentially seeking sponsorship for this event. I can’t release all the details yet, but they should be available shortly. The bottom line is we will be seeking a VERY limited number of sponsors, who wish to take advantage of the potential press coverage of this unique, history-making event. We don’t yet know quite how far this will go, but if the past is any indication, it could get pretty crazy.

So, if you or your company is looking for extremely alternative means of publicity that are sure to “stand out from the crowd”, consider sponsoring us as we vie for the SegPolo Cup. We intend to win and keep it in the USA until at least next year when we “fight” for it again!

Interested parties can leave a comment here for the moment, until I have an official email address available for such correspondence.

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