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Away for a day or two at least…

Sadly, a friend and mentor of mine died quite suddenly about a week ago, and I will be attending his memorial service in Las Vegas tomorrow (Sunday), and won’t be back until Monday. That, combined with a rather crazy amount of other things that are going on for me right now, means I probably won’t be posting for at least a couple days. I know you’ll miss me… admit it, it’s ok. 😉

But never fear, I’ll be back soon and as always with all kinds of nifty ideas for how to do things more efficiently and faster than ever.

Oh, heres a quicky: Use multiple monitors!! Macintosh people have been doing this for nearly 2 decades, but Windows can do it easily now too. Get yourself a cheap dual-monitor capable card, and connect TWO monitors to it, for double the screen real estate. Once you try it, you’ll never go back… TRUST ME!

“See” you all soon!

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