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Blogsolution gets competition…

OK, I know I’ve been extremely quiet in recent times… between working on UNCS 3.0, building my own sites and site networks, building some proprietary tools for yours truly 😉 , running my other businesses, and – oh yeah – having a life on occasion… the blog hasn’t gotten the service it deserves.

But I was just shown something last night that has me pretty excited. I’ll share one piece of my personal arsenal with you here… I’ve been using The BlogSolution for a couple months now and have had some absolutely insane results. I’m talking more traffic than I can actually handle! This is of course a GOOD problem to have! 😉 But I’m also always looking for more. A lot of people have BlogSolution at this point, and as with any mass building tool, I begin to question its effectiveness in the long run once everyone has it. This is why I spend so much time on building my own tools whenever possible.

But along comes the first real competition I’ve seen for BlogSolution so far. I only just got my hands on it so my own results are still waiting to come in, but a friend of mine got a head start on me and has already seen some pretty exciting initial results. I’m talking things like Google and Slurp deep spidering a 3-hour-old domain. That kind of thing.

It reminds me a lot of BlogSolution in many ways… the basic idea is the same (create your own mass blog network) but the installing of each network is far superior (I do like mass automation after all…) and by first appearances, the server load is considerably lower too (rather important when you have a few thousand domains on a server!) The author claims to be limiting it to 200 customers, and I really really hope this is held to. This is definitely one of those tools that if everyone has it, won’t work nearly as well. But for now, the early adopters get a head start and can cash in on all that traffic and linkage while it’s hot!

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Name: macroking

2 thoughts on “Blogsolution gets competition…

  • Jon,

    Couple question on TBS

    – when you say lots of traffic, is it to our TBS sites or the sites that your TBS points to?

    – Have you been able to place includes in the blogs created by TBS to point to links/sites of our choosing? The default install doesn’t allow this.

    – Can you use includes in Blogomatix?

  • Howdy!

    I am seeing the traffic to both my BS sites and to sites linked from there. I use several tracking tools so I can watch where my visitors go, and they do click through to the sites I link to.

    As far as using includes, I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t just put them in your template (would have to use html-safe includes for this). I have not done this myself, I have just put direct links to the places I want linked from my templates. I wasn’t aware that the default BS install doesn’t “allow” the use of includes, and I’m not sure how it could prevent it…? I could be wrong though, since I haven’t tried it.

    With Blogomatix I believe the same would hold true. No reason you couldn’t use html-safe includes that I can think of, in your template. I’ll have to try that since you brought it up!

    So far I must say that Blogomatix looks like it will use FAR less server resources than BS does. With nearly 500 BS installations, my server was getting absolutely KILLED until I deactivated all the associated CRON jobs. Not absolutely sure yet about Blogomatix since I’m still in the early stages of testing with it, but so far it looks much lighter on the loads.


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