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Beyond scraping… WAY beyond!

Anyone building portal web sites or doing any type of AdSense or other PPC oriented income stream, has undoubtedly run across “scraping.” It’s the concept of grabbing content from another web site, and displaying it on your own site. Now, issues of legality or ethics aside (don’t even get me started down those roads – Continue Reading

Script/Site Error Solving

Here’s a little something that can work both as a security feature if enabled, and a debugging tool if disabled. Anywhere you have include statements (especially your satellite index.php if using my method), you can use the @ symbol to determine if errors are output to the browser, or hidden (suppressed). So for example, this: Continue Reading

Programming posts…

I have decided to begin to take down my thoughts & ideas on programming, with the eventual expectation of turning them into some kind of course, book, autoresponder series, SOMETHING. In the mean time, they will begin to appear here as I sit down and blast them out. So, watch for ’em! You just might Continue Reading