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Thanks for the Salutes!

Just wanted to give a quick thanks to those who have given me salutes in the last few days… The Poor Sucker, MyNiche, and one other who chose not to include their name, and so I don’t know if he/she wanted to remain annonymous. Nonetheless, know that your support of my efforts is greatly appreciated! Continue Reading

It’s finally live…

TheDowser Niche Database sales page finally went up. I’ve been sitting here for a half hour waiting for it to go live… looks like they were running a little late. But it’s finally there, and I just bought my copy. Haven’t even downloaded it yet but I’m about to give it a spin… Hot damn Continue Reading

OK, it’s official…

I am now sick AND tired of resurrecting this site due to webhost shennanigans! I was away on the east coast for business for a week, and during that time my previous host made a major move to a new datacenter. That’s all well & good but for some reason, MY accounts in particular, did Continue Reading

Sold all 50 copies of UNCS

Wow, what a ride this has been… I have learned tons about the process of selling a product on line, and have also enjoyed bringing something so powerful to those who bought it. Thanks again to everyone who has been supporting me both through the donation functions of this site, and through the purchase of Continue Reading