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I’m back at last!

Wow, had some weird database disconnection craziness, but all seems fine once again. I just hadn’t looked at it in a couple weeks, been so busy on other things. But once again, the Macro King is back in action! 😉

Well, THAT was fun!

Boy what an adventure… I tried to move this blog to a different account, and unfortunately it went very, very bad. SQL can be an ugly beast! I managed to get everything back up again after Tykoon in the Traffic Equalizer forum pointed me to this awesome WordPress resource. Nothing was lost at all, however Continue Reading

Greetings from the King!

Well, ok, so it’s really AUTOMATION that’s King, not me personally, but I take whatever accolades I can get! 😉 So, what’s this little corner of the net about? It’s all about speed, baby. The faster and more efficient I can work, the better off my life in general (not to mention my bank balance!) Continue Reading