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Do you know how well you’re indexed?

If you don’t know how well you’re indexed, how can you know what you need to do next? If you build portal sites especially, pages = income, and therefore more pages = more income. But if you don’t know from day to day how many pages you have (or have lost!) in the search engines, you really aren’t taking care of business.

So, I have been using the Index Checker at www.marketleap.com for a while now, and it’s very handy (and free!) But, I wanted to check lists of URLs in a more automated fashion. It can’t be TOTALLY automated at this time because they do have a manual CAPTCHA-like security code required, but you can do 6 at a time and with this script, the security code is the ONLY bit of human interaction required.

So, as a present to you… here it is! I suggest you right-click and save it to your computer somewhere.

Index Checking Script

It will require you to have AutoHotKey installed on your system in order to work. But trust me, you want AHK anyway because it’s so damn cool!

Please open the script in a text editor like NotePad and read the basic instructions contained inside. There really is nothing for you to need to change, but if you’re the curious sort you can feel free to hack with the script any way you like. But be warned… macros can take on a life of their own and if you don’t know how to STOP them when they go haywire, you might have some problems if you change things! 😉

I don’t offer support for this script as I created it for myself, but if you really are stuck, let me know here and I’ll help out when & if I can. Enjoy!

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