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FINALLY, you can “buy me a drink”!

OK, so it’s not really a “drink” at this point, but… after months of sitting idly by and not being implemented, I have finally gotten the Buy Me a Drink script going that some of my reader’s generous donations bought for me. So, check the purple box at the upper right (top of the sidebar) and click on it to “Salute the Macro King”. I’m having some fun with it… it’s got all sorts of things, from munchies and junk food to hosting and even a franchise business I think is pretty cool.

The script, for those who aren’t already familiar with it, is really just a cute way for people to buy links from my site. Each “salute” includes a link for a certain amount of time. Honestly I don’t remember how long at the moment, maybe 30 days… I’m not sure, I need to check. You can also sponsor the site and get a “permanent” link for as long as your sponsorship is in effect. I plan to make the links of those who salute or sponsor me visible on the front page of this site as well, so who knows… you just might pick up a little extra human traffic or maybe some extra spidering.

So, if you like what you read here and want to show your thanks, head on over to the salute section and show me just how much you love me! 😉 I’ll give you some instant Link Love in return!

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2 thoughts on “FINALLY, you can “buy me a drink”!

  • Thanks for the visit to my site, Macro King! I’ve purchased some of your products, for which I’m sure I was not a sucker… but I’m still poor. Anyway, I like to check back here periodically to see what you’re up to. And that “Salute the King” thing is neat, too!


  • macroking Post author

    mmmmm Ice Cream… thanks Poor Sucker, You’re officially the first to offer me a “formal” Salute! Cheers to you!!


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