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First look at the Niche Database

OK, first impression…

I hate Overture results.

OK, there, I said it. My first impression about TheDowser Niche Database is a complaint. Hey, I gotta tell it like I see it.

But it’s not really a huge issue in the big scheme of things, more of a personal thing I guess. I absolutely loathe and despise Overture results. They are in alphabetical word order, rather than proper sentence order, and that makes me crazy. However, that being said… every one of my portal sites uses Overture results right now, and they do get traffic. So… is it really a problem? I suppose not. It just rubs me the wrong way.

So, on to the product…

It’s a massive 500 Megabyte download, so takes a good long while to come down. Then it needs a couple of gigs free to install – I had to trash a lot of temp files to even be able to install it. But once it’s running… it’s extremely easy to dig up tons of niche ideas. Basically it’s a lot like TheDowser Professional, but geared towards individual niche ideas rather than keyword lists. Lots of sorting flexibility, and considering how many records it’s sorting through, it’s pretty fast even on my lowly PC. Overall, so far I see it as being useful, definitely.

One thing though… I always have to question the estimates of CPC and other monetary values in these sorts of programs… especially since Google does not make that information truly available. All anyone can do is use either the AdWords API estimates, or just plain guess. Either way, I’m not going to believe in the results 100%. But, I suppose if it’s a question between a niche that claims to pay $30 per click, and another that claims to pay $.05 per click, I may as well go with the higher number, even if it’s not totally accurate.

I think we all know better than to believe in the mythical “$xx-per-click” keywords anymore. Don’t we?

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