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Free article CMS software

Hi everyone… sorry for the lengthy absence, I’ve had a TON going on. Between “normal” end-of-the-year stuff, creating and supporting sales of my method for centralized control of NicheCreator sites, my other business ventures, and a zillion other things, I just haven’t sat down to write here recently.

But, you know me… I love free stuff, expecially if it solves a particular problem or need! And today I think I may have found just such a free solution for some of you. I have no used it yet, but it looks very intriguing (oh and did I mention it’s free? ;))

Check out DotWidget for Articles

Basically, it’s a content management system specifically geared towards article type content, that you can then integrate into your website. It does not appear to provide any articles by itself per se, rather it’s a way to manage your article content, bylines, etc. from a central location. I love centralization almost as much as I love automation!

Anyway, check it out if you think you need such a thing. Personally I still need to get the integration complete for the article database I bought over Xmas. If I can just get that properly integrated into my new master/satellite site building method, I’ll be dang near to the site-building holy grail I’ve been dreaming of.

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