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Greetings from the King!

Well, ok, so it’s really AUTOMATION that’s King, not me personally, but I take whatever accolades I can get! 😉

So, what’s this little corner of the net about? It’s all about speed, baby. The faster and more efficient I can work, the better off my life in general (not to mention my bank balance!) gets. You’ve probably all heard the saying “work smarter, not harder” before, but how many people really put that into practical use? That’s what this place is here for.

Over the years I’ve developed an absolute love for any tool that allows me to do things in mass quantities, fast, with total control. To that end, one of my favorite applications is undoubtedly Microsoft Excel. There are plenty of other spreadsheet programs, but Excel is hands down the current heavyweight champ of the world. Don’t believe me? Just have a look at Mr. Excel and tell me those people aren’t doing some of the most amazing stuff you’ve ever seen.

In addition to bulk manipulation of keyword lists, stock symbols, option prices, real estate analysis, and lots more with Excel, I love any program that lets me assign repetitive tasks to a single keystroke. When building web sites or doing many other tasks on a computer, we tend to type certain keystrokes over and over in certain patterns, to accomplish certain results. But if we can map those keystroke combinations to a single key, the computer can type them all much much faster and with perfect precision every time! I can reduce what would ordinarily take 5 minutes of typing and moving the mouse around, down to 30 seconds or less by letting the computer do the tedious work for me.

I’ll be talking more about my favorite macro & scripting tools, and sharing tips & tricks for how you can speed up your productivity no matter what you do on the computer.

Stay tuned, more to come!

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