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Hmmm… what’s he up to I wonder.

I hadn’t stopped in to JScott’s MassBuilderNews Blog in a while, and just popped over for a quick look. Lo & Behold, he’s back and making some interesting promises. JScott – what are you up to? Where’s the promised autoresponder? I for one will surely sign up and have a good read!

On a side note – it appears that my SQL server was down inexplcably for possibly a couple days and I did not know it. It’s fixed now, but that meant that anyone trying to purchase UNCS 3.0 would have been unable to do so. Sorry about that… hopefully this does not happen again. I noticed a huge surge in SQL activity a few days ago and that may have been responsible for the problem, I’m not certain. Anyway, everything is back up now and I’m keeping a close watch on it!

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