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How To Go Blind In A Single Day

OK, I think I know what you’re thinking… “What the hell kind of blog post title is THAT???” Well, you’ll probably see in a minute what I meant.

Many of you probably know by now that I am no longer using blogs for portal building. Not that they aren’t good tools or anything, I just decided a few months back (just before all the new blog automation tools came out) that they took too damn much effort and time to set up, post to, and maintain. Not to mention the extra resources all those MySQL calls and RSS2Blog activity were hogging. So I simply stopped using them and have developed techniques that don’t require blogs.

HOWEVER… I have been recently considering using them again for other purposes… they are great backlinks after all, and blog farms are always nice. But there’s that damn lack of automation again. You know me, I just will NOT use something that I can’t automate (or at least sure won’t use it for long).

So I’ve been waiting for the right tool to leap out and grab me… so far nothing really has. They’re either quite pricey (or maybe I’m just too cheap to keep buying $197 to $497 pieces of software every time I turn my back. Heck I used to buy software that cost $12,000 when I ran my video editing business and that was just kinda normal… but I digress) or don’t really impress me with their look, feel, or feature set.

Then today, along comes a friend who mentiones something called Blotto. I’ve never heard of it, have you? Well, it’s apparently extremely new, but it’s a mass blogger blog creation automation tool. So I took a look at the sales page… not much of a sales page really (which I prefer!). Just the facts, ma’am. But there is a great little quick video that shows exactly what it does and how. I have to say, I was impressed. I’m pretty picky about software and this one actually looks to have been very well thought out and solidly developed. But what REALLY shocked me was the price. At the moment it’s $50!! Yes, FIFTY DOLLARS! Good grief what a bargain.

OK so where’s the going blind part fit in?

As you may already know, there is one downside to creating masses of blogger blogs via automation. No way to automate the CAPTCHA code process. So you do have to sit there and enter CAPTCHA codes (or as someone joked in the NicheCreator forum [I hope it was a joke anyway!], hire young children to sit and stare at them for hours and enter them for you… that’s ONE way to automate I guess! ;)) for each blog, which could very well make one either blind or insane, possibly both.

But, if a little CAPTCHA action doesn’t scare you off and you want to be able to create a mass of blogger blogs with a very well thought out tool that seems to have a very rich feature set, you should really check out Blotto while it’s still new and outragreously cheap. I’ve gotten ahold of it and will start to put it through its paces shortly… I think I hear a few blog farms calling my name!

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