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httPulse followup…

Well I posted a few days ago about httPulse, all excited about it. I’ve been waiting for a decent index tracking utility for some time, and preferably a free one. So, several days and 1 software upgrade later, I still can’t use httpulse. 🙁

I don’t know why exactly, and I’ve been in contact with the developers about this. Sounds like a few people just have problems with it crashing, and they aren’t sure why yet. I have volunteered my testing abilities to help them solve it, so hopefully they take me up on it as I really would like there to be a decent free utility out there for checking one’s domain indexing. Plus, I wrote a script already that automates the data entry of large lists of domains. Without it you have to enter them one by one, and if you have anything more than about 10 domains that’ll drive you crazy!

So anyway… for the moment, I’m using Indexing Tracker and am quite impressed. VERY thorough, in addition to checking your indexing it will actually spider your site(s) for you in bulk and tell you EXACTLY what pages have not been indexed! Quite impressive, though the spidering can take a LONG time if you have large sites. I suggest running it on a secondary computer and just let it go for however long it takes.

So, it’s not free, but if you have a bit more money to spend and really do NEED a tool for this sort of tracking (and really, how do you know what you’re doing if you don’t know your indexing??) then at the moment I suggest looking at Indexing Tracker.

Still, I hope httPulse is reliable for me soon… it’s not as fancy, but I like free! 😀

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One thought on “httPulse followup…

  • Hey Van,
    Long time no hear. Boy this is an old thread.. but you know me a day late and a dollar short.. i just now can you believe strayed across httpulse and its still giving problems..

    By the way do you happen to know why they ask for you domain ip pass and user as they say they are not collecting your secrets and i know of no reason to have the cpanel pw to get the number of pages indexed..

    I am sure they know that info is held by google and those boys and never at the cpanel..

    Just seems stange… can you shed any light on this..

    It would be pretty simple to dump all the domains and user name\s from the cpanel into they mdb data base.

    Do you know if anyone has done this yet..

    Come visit me at Heating and Cooling if you get a chance… You know me.. anything for a backlink…
    But I deserve it, after writing all this shit…



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