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I just built 50 sites. In 20 minutes.

I’m actually almost paralyzed by the shock of this. I just figured out (it really wasn’t hard!) a method that will allow me to build pretty much as many sites as I want, at a rate of somewhere around 30 seconds per site or so. This is just crazy cool. Of course there is still the keyword gathering, the blog & ping, and all the other parts of the portal puzzle. But as far as building the sites, I can now go from a brand new domain, to 100 functioning completely set up sites on 100 different subjects, in less than a half hour.

It’s almost too fast. It takes me about a trillion times longer than that to gather keywords, even with some automated scripts I’ve created to speed things up dramatically (I have my laptop sitting next to me as I write this, busilly gathering keywords from Google at a rate of, oh, maybe 5-10 words per second or faster…) I actually think my building speed will eclipse the speed at which keywords can be gathered. In fact, I’m positive of it. This is completely changing the landscape for me of what I’ll be able to achieve. I set a personal goal recently of 5000 sites by the end of January. Well, that was really not looking feasible, and I’d already pushed the “deadline” out to the end of February. But at this rate, I think I actually COULD build 5000 sites in the next couple of weeks, if I just have enough keywords.

This just gets better & better… those of you who bought my Ultimate Niche Creator Setup eBook should have gotten a very hastily composed email detailing the process I’m using to build so fast now, I hope it’s able to help you as much as I’m sure it will help me!!

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  • hi, how are you? i just ran into your blog and its great! i’m really interested in your site building process. i would love to hear about it if you wouldnt mind sharing. can you do it using NPB? of are you using turbo sm for this? i havent played with it yet, but, i have an account with them. i would have no problem making a nice donation for the info.

    thanks so much for your time.


  • Hi,

    Do you have a sales page for your Niche Creator Ebook?

  • macroking Post author

    Hi Michael and Marcus, thanks for stopping by!

    As a matter of fact I do have a sales page of sorts, though I have not made it “public” and instead have only mentioned it on the NicheCreator and Keyword Avalanche Forums. I really figured nobody outside those two forums would have any interest in it to be honest, but perhaps I was wrong.

    If you are interestd, the book can be purchased (assuming the PayPal link feels like working – don’t get me started) at https://www.macroking.com/uncs.htm and there are fewer than 10 remaining copies available. If the PayPal button is being stupid, you can simply send the payment directly through PayPal to jonathan-AT-pmlinvestments-DOT-com.

    Version 1.7 is what is available at this moment, though I actually have finished version 2.0 which has some MAJOR improvments/additions. I’m just in technical hell with server issues, and actually just got my own VPS so I am hopeful that very soon I will finally have 2.0 sent to everyone, at no additional charge.

    As to your question Michael – I’m not familiar with NPB but if it’s a dynamic site generator, it’s likely it would work with my current methods. The real strength to the method however is strictly for NicheCreator users, and is detailed in my book. I’m not certain if it can be applied to other products like NPB, sorry. However, in a very nutshell form, basically I am just using the Skeleton Directory to set up lots and lots of sites in one pass. That in itself is not really all THAT exciting, but it’s the combination of that, with the NC Setup Method in my book, that has me so excited. The two together are going to enable me to put up hundreds of thousands of pages per day if I choose. But as I said, it’s really geared for NC users only…

    Thanks again for visiting, it’s nice to hear from folks!

  • macroking Post author

    Oh also I forgot to mention, I decided not to go further with TurboSM. Very interesting concept, and it is what sparked the idea that led to my book for NicheCreator. But overall NC is just SO much easier to use, and we have control over the source code, where with TSM it’s all under lock & key. I like to tweak as I’m sure you can tell, and TSM just didn’t give me as much tweakability as I wanted. I REALLY love NC at this point.

  • Hi,
    I have a method similar to yours, but i’m curious what your using to:

    1. build kw lists ( I am for 2-5k each list, how much do you aim for? )
    2. setup a blog AND PING, and autopost? for each of the 100 sites REALY fast?

    If I knew how to do these two really fast it would be awesome!

  • macroking Post author

    Hi Johnny,

    Keyword list building is now one of the primary bottlenecks for me. Site building is the easy part! I’m using Rapid Keyword these days as my primary keyword gathering tool, along with some custom macro scripts I’ve written to automate the “deep digging” process. So I can give it a list of say 10 or 20 keywords, and then let it run and it will come back with anywhere from 100 to 1000 keywords or more depending on the niche. And I don’t use Overture as I just don’t like their results.

    Getting your pages in front of spiders is still the key portion though, and basically you need to use any/all of the methods out there, blogging, pinging, articles, RSS submissions, etc. etc. etc. I’ve had the most success with RSS submissions and pinging. I’m no longer building a blog on every niche though, and I’m leaning towards setting up my own blogfarm across a few hundred domain names at some point.

    Right now by using every method at my disposal I’m able to get spidering and indexing within a few days of site creation, although high rankings may be another story. I don’t have the magic pill for that part… yet.


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