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I simply can’t live without this!

I have gotten so used to this amazing little gem, that I tend to forget about it. Well, I just did a major computer upgrade, which means I have to reinstall all my tools, including this one. Which of course reminded me of how absolutely hooked on it I am, and that I really should be telling everyone else about it!!

The nice part is, I already wrote about it some time ago, in this post! So, I don’t even have to write again. Just this little reminder of how absolutely awesome this tool is. The instant I don’t have it installed any more, boy do I know it! Not a happy feeling. 😉

Go grab the free version and use it like mad. You can pay to upgrade if you want, but the free version is fantastic too.

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Name: macroking

4 thoughts on “I simply can’t live without this!

  • Absolutely phenomenal.
    Should be built in to every PC. This has already saved me so much time today. Thanks!

  • macroking Post author

    I couldn’t agree more… this is hands down one of the single simplest, most brilliant utilities I’ve ever used. I’d have paid way way more than $10 for it… in fact I even wrote to the author some time ago asking him why on earth he charged so little! But I guess he’s hoping to make it up in quantity, I don’t know. All I’m certain of is, I LOVE my PC-Com! Glad you do too. 🙂

  • Thought you were talking about AHK for a sec…which I am slooooowly learning. Now I gotta add this to my list too. Thanks.

    BTW I am learning some macro basics thanks to you. Soon you may call me the macro prince your highness…..well I can dream can’t I?

  • macroking Post author

    Hey my friend, we all gotta start somewhere! 🙂 My earliest macros back in the 80s were on the Mac platform using Quickeys, and they were usually nothing more than a simple keyboard shortcut for a function that didn’t have one by default for some reason. Eventually I started chaining them together to create a series of automated steps… then eventually I realized I wanted to be able to analyze the result of a command and depending on what happened, handle it appropriately (conditional logic)… and it grew from there. Start simple, ask lots of questions, and you will be utterly amazed at what you eventually are able to do!

    AHK is great, I love it for any automation on the desktop. Of course for server-side automation I just work in PHP (which I’m still a relative novice at despite what I’ve managed to do). PC-Com is not an automation program per se, it’s just a serious efficiency booster. Saving a couple seconds every time you go to find certain files or folders adds up over time to a LOT of time saved!

    Thanks for stopping by once again. Always good to see a familiar sig! 😉


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