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Membership forum worth its weight in GOLD!

And me without my affiliate link… tsk tsk.

If you do portals, ESPECIALLY if you use NicheCreator or RSSGM, you’ve got to get your butt FAST over to www.PGinsider.com. It’s a killer membership site with a limited number of spots, and the software offerings you get just for walking in the door are out of this world. I’ve been a member for a couple of days and FINALLY tonight looked at the tools I got for joining… holy crap!

And then I sat down and added the ability to build on subdomains to the mass NicheCreator builder. This is some sick stuff… in a very good way.

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Name: macroking

3 thoughts on “Membership forum worth its weight in GOLD!

  • how’s the result like with PGInsider? How much are you earning per day from this technique?

  • To be honest, I wound up continuing with the development of my own tools and am not directly applying the PGI method(s). I keep telling myself I should, but find that when I try to apply everything all at once, I end up doing none of it well. So, I’m continuing to focus my efforts on my own methods and the development of my own software. There are some excellent things in the forums however, and even though I’m not directly using their methods, I have found great value in the items made available to members. Even for my own code development, the un-encrypted source code of the PGI tools has allowed me to get ideas on how to do things I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. So all in all, still a helpful place.

  • thanks for the feedback!


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