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I found this blog when someone posted in the PPCF Forum about a new free version of SpeedPPC that someone had cooked up. Being a user of SpeedPPC myself and of course also a coder, I just HAD to check this out. I’ve got too much on my plate right this second to put it through its paces, but the overview sounds great and I’ve little doubt that it will be a very handy script indeed!

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Now additionally, I continued to poke around this new blog – DerekBeau.com – and found it simply chock FULL of goodness! Tons of great reading there, I am truly impressed. Here’s just a couple of quick highlights:


The list could go on… this is well worth spending some time on, or adding to your favorite RSS reader if you are so cool as to use one (which, I must admit, I am not… :() I don’t know who this Derek guy is, but he seems to have a very firm grasp on the principles of affiliate marketing, and is clearly a coder as well as an excellent writer. I find it rare that someone can bridge the gap between the technical discipline of programming, and the creative discipline of writing and teaching (since he’s clearly teaching through his posts, something I greatly admire).

Oh! And one last thing. His blog doesn’t even have any ads on it! Amazing eh? Apparently he’s planning to monetize it at some point, but for now he’s actually giving the ad spaces away for free by holding a simple contest. Here’s an excerpt from the blog, the original page is at http://www.derekbeau.com/contests/

There are four things you can do to increase your chances of winning these ad spots on DerekBeau.com, they are:

* Leave a comment on any post – All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog and you get 1 entry. There is a limit of 20 entries per person awarded for comments.
* Link to any page in a new post on your blog – Write a new post on your blog and link to any page on DerekBeau.com within it to receive 5 entries. This is limited to once per post (even if you link twice in the same post) but you can get multiple entries by linking from multiple posts.
* Mention this contest on your blog – Mention this contest within any new post on your blog and receive 10 entries. This is limited to one entry per blog but you can write multiple mentions if you have multiple blogs.
* Write a review on your blog – If you write a dedicated review of DerekBeau.com, you will receive 15 entries. This is limited to one entry per blog but you can write multiple reviews if you have multiple blogs.

So there you have it, finally a new post from me and it’s a damn good one, if I do say so myself. Enjoy the new reading material!

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