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Need Articles? Forget Orwell, Try This!

I’m really happy to have happened upon this little gem. It’s dirt cheap (especially before December 15th) and is basically what Orwell wishes it could be. You enter a keyword, and it goes out to a number of article directories and grabs articles on the keyword, and if you want will even spit them out as their own mini site complete with cross links, adsense, etc. I’m using it to get articles on my NicheCreator sites personally. I was able to put nearly 50,000 pages online just last night alone, but I was skipping articles for them because Orwell was too dang tedious, and I can’t justify something like ArticleMiner right now.

So check this out and see what it can do for you. OH I should warn you, right away I found problems with the default templates… their html is all messed up, and is missing quotes all over the place. So things like width=”100%” are actually coded as width=100% which doesn’t work properly. So, 1 minute in a text editor to fix the templates and voila, I can grab articles en masse and throw them up onto my NicheCreator sites. SCORE!

Oh they also have a free demo version that has the terribly unfortunate limit of only allowing 20 articles per project… isn’t that a shame? 😉


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3 thoughts on “Need Articles? Forget Orwell, Try This!

  • Nice script, thanks for the pointer to it. It’s well worth the thirty bucks for the registered version.

    An I had thought Orwell was good! 🙂

    This is much better.

    All I have to do now is learn to use it properly. I mean the interface is excellent and the Help files are good. But I don’t want to find I’m omitting to make full use of it.


  • I thought the price was $29 through today, Thursday. I had it on my list of things to study and consider buying.

    I noticed you had to clean up a few code errors to get it wot work with NC. How is is working?

    I am now looking at Article Miner and other content management systems. Even a full TikiWiki application for content management which may be one way to solve content updating.

    It takes time to learn what software to apply that is best. Now that I missed the sale and have time to review the software options, are there any other suggestions?

  • macroking Post author

    Well my suggestion on FastContent is to get the demo version and play with it. It works fine, just limits to 20 articles. IF you find that it is incredibly useful, then you can pay if you want more than 20 articles at a time.

    It’s not for everyone… if, like me, you really want dynamically-generated content that pulls from article directories (or your own database) on the fly, then FastContent is not the solution. But for those who don’t mind spending a few minutes to go grab articles, it’s the best tool for this that I’ve seen so far.

    I just got an update from the author also, he is going to add phrase matching, so that searches for “red widgets” will in fact ONLY give you articles that contain the PHRASE, rather than either word. This is a HUGE improvement.

    I’ve heard good things about ArticleMiner, but have not used it myself.


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