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Need to remove duplicate entries in Excel?

I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent filtering lists of duplicates… whether they were keywords, stock & option symbols, or anything else, handling duplicate values is a VERY common task in Excel. In the past, I’ve used many different methods to identify or remove them, all of which were, frankly, a big fat pain in the arse.

So you can likely imagine how I about jumped out of my skin when I found out about The Duplicate Master. I swear I’d like to find the author of this FREE utility and give him a big wet sloppy kiss.

OK, so maybe not. But you get the idea. I like this little add-in, LOTS! It will find duplicates across a selection, a sheet, or an entire workbook, and either hilight them, delete them, leave one occurence behind, remove both occurences, etc. It’s pretty darn fast but most importantly it WORKS and saves me several metric buttloads of time.

Seriously, if you work in Excel you really can’t NOT have this add-in. Believe me, you’re gonna like it!

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Name: macroking

2 thoughts on “Need to remove duplicate entries in Excel?

  • Hi,
    Just recently round your site, can’t think where from, but it was a portal generation type of blog.

    Have a look at http://www.asaputilities.com for the mutts nutts in excel addons. And yes, it’s free.

    I get down on my knees and pray every time I use it 🙂


  • VERY COOL Andy! I believe you are now officially the first person to post a productivity utility of their own that they use, to my blog. Fantastic! This does look like a winner… I will certainly be checking it out. Thanks again for the comment!


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