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New monster site builder…

You may have seen some buzz about this on various forums if you do any portal site or keyword-based site building. Well, I decided to take the plunge and check it out, not wanting to miss out on the low intro price, just in case it really was as good as it claimed. So far…?


Now I warn you, this program is still early in development so it has some rough edges, and if you just take it out of the “box” and use it with its defaults, you may not be impressed. But you shouldn’t be using ANYTHING the way it comes standard!

Seriously, if you are at all into building keyword marketing sites, blogs, portal sites, etc. and one of your chief obstacles is speed of building, this could very well be the answer to your prayers! The potential is very exciting to me, especially as nothing is encrypted and I can get in and monkey with the code any way I want.

If you’re the pioneering sort and you’d like to get in on this while you can still get it for $200 off, go get it now! Just be sure you become active in the forums, there are a number of “heavy hitters” in the portal game on there, and they are all working furiously to make this the hottest portal building tool ever. So far, I’m inclined to believe it’s going to live up to and even exceed expectations. Especially with custom templates and a few personal tweaks… should be able to build at LEAST 10 sites per day with this, regardless of the size of the keyword lists.

Don’t miss out on the reduced price, it was supposed to go up $200 already but they don’t have their sales letter ready yet, so until they do you can still grab it for less. Hurry up if you’re the sort who likes the cutting-edge!

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