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Nickel Mania… are they NUTS??

To cut to the chase and lock in your price now, go to http://snurl.com/nickel_mania

If you ever send out links to a list or anything similar, in order to promote products or services, you really want something like Tracking Ace… read on.

There was this thing a couple weeks ago called Nickel Mania, put on by Gary Ambrose (one of the zillion or so Internet Marketers who have convinced me to join their list at some point…) It was some sort of ebook deal where he & a partner were promoting a couple of new ebooks on using eBay to catch a chunk of the christmas season.

Well, I’m honestly not much of an eBay seller anymore (despite making loads on collectible toys with eBay in the mid-to-late 90s), but I figured I’d take a look at this deal since it was pretty unusual. They were starting the price at a nickel ($.05) and raising it by that much with every sale. Interesting! I’d been wondering about something like this for a few days and suddenly this popped up. That always seems to happen.

Anyway, I figured I’d see what the price was, since you lock your price in as soone as you enter an email address. I grabbed my set of eBooks for a whopping $2.20. I figured even if there was just one interesting idea – or heck if the books even gave me 5 minutes’ worth of entertainment – they were worth that price. But the interesting bit was the 100% affiliate commission you get if you decide to promote them yourself. Since the price is rising with every purchase, including yours, if even one person bought them through my link, I’d get my purchase price back and then some. So… what the heck. A quick peek through the books and they had some good stuff in them, so I felt like they were worth mentioning in a couple of forums I participate in where people market & sell stuff.

A quick couple of posts later (20 minutes to be exact), and I’d made my money back, plus a little profit. But it didn’t stop there… a sale at $2.50. Then at $3… then $5… then $11… my last sale checked in at just over $20. For a $2.20 purchase! And I felt the books were still even worth the $20 if one was an eBay seller, no question. So, a nice healthy return on just a tiny bit of effort… my kind of deal!

Anyway, that was then. Now this morning I got an email about ANOTHER Nickel Mania. But this one is more interesting to me personally… the eBooks this time were going to reveal how they did the whole Nickel Mania deal in the first place (remember I was wondering about how to do something like this myself…) Intriguing… but this time around I wasn’t totally convinced I wanted to jump in. Until I realized what they were giving away as bonuses. Then I let out a “holy crap!” and hit the submit button fast. I paid slightly more than with the eBay books, but not by much, and I can’t BELIEVE what I’m geting for my couple bucks.

This post has gotten too long already… bottom line, you’ll get Tracking Ace, which by itself would’ve made my get in, plus a couple other nice goodies. If you don’t know what Tracking Ace is, just go read the link… I’m tired of typing. 🙂 If you do know, then you know. Click quick and pay a few bucks instead of a few hundred!

Set your price now while it’s still low, go to http://snurl.com/nickel_mania

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