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Page Generators – Kings of Crap?

OK, you may or may not have heard of “page generation software”. If you build portal sites, well then OF COURSE you know about them. What are they you ask? Well in simplified fashion, they are programs that take a template created with HTML, and do a big “find & replace” job on them to replace certain placeholder words in the template (known as “tokens”) with the words you ACTUALLY want to be on the page. The thing is, they will do this for you on thousands of individual key words, resulting in thousands of individual pages being created in minutes or even seconds! There are loads of them on the market right now, but the one I happen to be using most is called Traffic Equalizer and I like it quite a bit. However, despite what the sales claims are, the program itself will NOT earn you any traffic at all. it is merely a tool that must be part of an overall plan for developing and marketing your site(s).

But lately I’ve seen a lot of talk of things like “Oh, Traffic Equalizer doesn’t work any more, those pages are being de-indexed because they’re machine generated” and other, well, total crap.

It is, in fact, crap to suggest that a page was indexed OR de-indexed specifically BECAUSE it was created with a particular piece of software. That’s just NOT how the internet works folks! True, plenty of people who just didn’t know any better (and even some that DID know better…) pulled the product out of the box and started using it without spending any time to change any of the default settings, and this lead to very obvious “junk sites” being put out there that the engines will de-index as they find them. But the plain simple truth is there are still hundreds of thousands of “junk sites” in the search engines, and they will always be there in one form or another. Tools like Traffic Equalizer are JUST TOOLS, and it is only when used as part of an overall plan that they can do anything for you. Simply creating a site with programs like this and then sitting back waiting for the traffic to come flooding in, is like building a massive high-rise apartment complex in the middle of nowhere, and spending every penny of your budget on the construction so that there is nothing at all left to advertise or market the property. Do you think you’ll find many renters coming to see your new apartments without advertising? I don’t think so.

The same is true for the internet… it is NOT the case of “if you build it they will come.” You have to not only build it, but TELL PEOPLE YOU HAVE BUILT IT. It doesn’t matter how, but you must get the word out. You can tell people in person, you can send emails, build opt-in lists, write articles, submit to RSS directories, heck you can even – GASP! – SPAM if you really want to and are willing to bear the risks. But the bottom line is, you MUST get the word out or your site is just so much tumbleweed-covered wasteland, and is worth about as much.

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