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PGInsider has some openings again

You may or may not have heard of PGInsider, but if you are into the black/grey-hat portal building game, or want to be, it’s a very useful site, in terms of both the discussions that go on there, and especially the tools that get developed. Adam actually goes and builds the tools that the members ask for, and gives them to everyone for free. Pretty dang cool, if you’re willing to chase the search engines.

If you want to get into this “game” and really go for it, check out PGInsider right away, there are 48 spots available as of this writing. I’ve been a member since the very inception and though I don’t have as much time for forums and such as I used to, I definitely have picked up a number of valuable tips, tricks, tools, and code snippets (since the tools have always had unencrypted source, I’ve learned a lot just by digging through their code).

Serious “click chasers” only, please. 😉

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