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PPC CPA Alphabet Soup??

So, a few months back I heard about this soon-to-be-released course all about marketing CPA offers (Cost Per Action for those who don’t know the lingo) via PPC traffic (Pay Per Click like Google Adwords, etc.) This was something that really interested me in no small part because I had some friends who had just made a BUNDLE of cash in a very short amount of time from CPA lead offers. They weren’t using PPC, but still… it intrigued me.

So, I bought the course when it launched. I was pretty surprised too… no wimpy eBook here. 6 CD ROMs, 2 DVDs, and 6 spiral bound manuals were shipped to my door. Access to the private forum was granted. The journey began.

I’m still only a short ways into this journey, but I have learned much and made some new friends. One of those new friends just hit his first $10,000 net profit month doing this business. This is in only about 3 months of working on it!! I can’t say I’ve had that same success yet, but I know the potential is absolutely there.

This is a business model that just makes SENSE. It’s based on profit margins and ROI, income & expenses. You know, the stuff that any real business is based on. Is it easy? No it’s not. Is it getting easier? Yes I think so.

One big part of the reason why it’s getting easier, is the introduction of automation tools. There’s a whole slew of them coming out in the next week or two, that promise to revolutionize many aspects of this business. Suddenly having the ability to create thousands of unique content-enhanced landing pages for thousands of keywords is no small thing. In fact it’s a BIG thing. But of course it’s easy to get lost in the frenzy of tools rather than working on actually doing your business. I’ve fallen in that trap often enough, thankyouverymuch.

So, in the interest of NOT falling into that trap again, I have created a solution. I realized the many similarities between mass landing page creation and mass adsense site creation – something I was doing heavily last year but don’t any longer (well, at least not the way I was…) I have built my own mass Landing Page Generator, which allows me to set up campaigns in any PPC program I want, and have each individual keyword get a matching unique landing page instantly. All I have to do is create a single template, upload my keywords, and I’m set.

The script supports multiple templates and keyword lists (one each per offer you want to run), and also has integrated click tracking so you have a log of every click you receive, time & datestamped with the full URL that was hit. It is a dynamic script, but it will generate a proper 404 error with headers, should someone try to visit a URL that doesn’t have a keyword to go with it.

All in all, I’m quite pleased with the script and it is working well. Though it’s commercial in nature and there are probably people who would pay for it, I’ve chosen to make it available FOR FREE.

That’s right, this script is completely free of charge. The catch is, you must be a member of the private forum I mentioned above.

So how do you become a member? Well by purchasing the PPC course, of course!

So, get the course and join the forum, and you’ll get the download link to this very handy tool. I have various plans to possibly add numerous features to it, but for the moment I just want to make it help me (and my fellow forum members) generate revenue.

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