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Really handy trick…

In writing a reply to a comment from another post, I remembered something I’m doing that you might also find very useful:

I am using Brainstorm Generator quite heavily for identifying target niches & words. I can find loads of subject matter that have large traffic but very low SE competition this way. Definitely a highly useful tool… though I wish it were faster, that’s more a function of the services it has to query and not its fault.

So, BSG is a little on the slow side. Unfortunate… BUT there are ways to speed it up. The biggest way of course is to run additional computers! I have 3 or 4 typically running at any one time. But, you can only run one copy of BSG per machine right? Wrong!

True you can only run one copy at a time in main memory – but there is a really nifty utility called “sandboxie” that allows you to run ANY program in a protected, reserved chunk of your system’s memory. What this means is it is unaware of the rest of the machine and what it’s doing. So you can launch an extra copy of BSG and it will run fine, right along side the first copy. So, 2 copies of BSG simultaneously, per machine! Powerful trick. In my case it means I can be running 8 BSGs at a time. That’s a LOT of brainstorming!!

You can get Sandboxie here, it’s FREE!

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