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Anyone into building portal sites with tools like Traffic Equalizer or any of the others, has probably also heard of if not used Really Simple Site Generator, or RSSG for short. I don’t personally know the whole history behind it but it was written supposedly by a young “kid” of about 15 years old, and was released as Open Source, meaning FREE to you & me. I haven’t used it yet but have heard great things about it.

But here’s where the conspiracy starts… the site (www.really-simple.com) mysteriously went down recently and the product was no longer available. The developer said he couldn’t comment, and rumours have abounded. I’m not sure anyone knows the real story, but at the very least, copies of RSSG still exist and since it’s Open Source, it can be freely distributed.

So, on that note, I give you…

Really Simple Site Generator Version 2

Enjoy, and feel free to distribute it far & wide!

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Name: macroking

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