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Server-Side Find & Replace

If you deal with sites that consist of hundreds, maybe thousands of files, and have ever needed to change a bit of text on ALL of them, you know this pain! The sheer agony of even considering such a chore by hand… *shudder*

Fortunately there is no need to do anything so horrible. Just use a server-side find & replace utility! Much like doing a find & replace in Word or any text editor, this utility will allow you to find & replace across an entire domain if you want, or just an individual directory, file, etc. An absolute MUST HAVE for anyone who makes lots of web pages. There is a paid option, but I don’t know what the difference is. This free version MAY stop working in 2006, I’m not certain. Download it at the following link (works as of this writing):

Server Side Find & Replace Utility

You can also go to the author’s site, http://www.rightscripts.com

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