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Sold all 50 copies of UNCS

Wow, what a ride this has been… I have learned tons about the process of selling a product on line, and have also enjoyed bringing something so powerful to those who bought it. Thanks again to everyone who has been supporting me both through the donation functions of this site, and through the purchase of my book/method. I can’t wait to hear about how much it’s all helped!

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Name: macroking

2 thoughts on “Sold all 50 copies of UNCS

  • pml,

    We have corresponded before on different NC topics. I am a member of the NicheCreator forum and just noticed that you are selling a book on building portal sites (UNCS master/satellite system of site building)??

    I am interested in purchasing. Please let me know what the book discusses, cost, etc. Is it possible to still buy a copy?

    Best regards,

    Terry Markle

  • macroking Post author

    Hi Terry,

    I made the book available until I had sold 50 copies, and then took it down. I may decide to sell it again in the future, I’m nt sure yet, but for now I’m giving everyone who bought it a “head start” on using the info.

    What it outlines is a method for having a single central install of NC, and then have your “satellite” sites point to the master for their code. Each satellite still has its own keywords, but everything else comes from the master. This means that any changes you need to make to your site network can be made on the single master site instead of each individual niche site.

    Pay a quick visit to https://www.macroking.com/uncs.htm if you’d like to be notified of when it becomes available again.

    Thanks for the interest, good to hear from you!


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