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Someone just saved me a lot of time…

A while back, a “big league” adsense earner gave me some heads up about using properly formatted code on my pages, so that the SE spiders would handle it better and rank the pages better. His arguments on the whole made sense, and I certainly couldn’t argue with his income levels. But I just never took the time to really figure out all the areas of proficiency I needed to have when it came to coding my templates properly. HTML and CSS can be such a pain in the rear!

Fortunately, it appears that someone has saved me the trouble and written it all down in one nice little book for me! Interestingly, it looks like this book is also going to be taken off the market very shortly, as in October 1st. So, I’m grabbing my copy now so I have it and can begin to clean up my portal sites and improve their overall rankings. It’s a nuisance to do, but I think ultimately will be well worth it.

You might want to grab this one too, if you’re at all concerned about how best to use CSS with your site designs.

Name of author

Name: macroking

One thought on “Someone just saved me a lot of time…

  • I bought this book. It is a great book to understand CSS.

    I just am disappointed that it was promoted that it would be taken off the market it October, 2006.

    As of today, April 30, 2007, it still can be purchased.

    So Jonathan, what are you up to nowadays.



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