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Strangest Comment Spam Ever

OK, someone explain this one to me. I am still being hit with as many as a few dozen comment spams per day. The latest one that just came in has me really scratching my head. The link in it is to www.google.ru, Google in Russia. I say it again – THE COMMENT SPAMMER’S URL IS GOOGLE.RU.

Now, the conspiracy theorist in me is screaming that this is somehow Google up to “no good” and employing their own blackhat tricks. But – WHY??? If it’s just a random comment spammer, what the hell could they possibly stand to gain by spamming a Google URL? Makes absolutely no sense to me.

Anyone have any theories??

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  • It’s a fake. Right now, I am in the midst of a spamstorm, getting 40-50 a day slipping through all my filters, because the spammer is using legit sites as links–NASA, The Washington Post, Slate.com, etc. My site gets 1500 or so unique visitors per day, about 25,000 per month, so I’m a fairly big spam target. If you follow the link to my blog and do a search for “comment spam,” you’ll see I’ve blogged on this kind of thing extensively.

    These are usually test spams, spammers trying out their systems. You’ll usually see some text or word string in the spam which is highly unusual or gibberish, inserted so they can locate it in a Google Blog Search, thereby seeing how well their spam penetrated. They do this kind of stuff all the time. It’s not Google.

  • Thanks for the info, much appreciated! The odd thing is, the only text in the comment is “Google news and reviews” which, on a phrase matched search does in fact return only 5 results for me right now, and a broad match returns 243Million. So I suppose they could be searching for that string… but you’d think they would realize that people have comment moderation enabled. Well, at least I do anyway.

    Go figure. I almost feel like it’s a milestone… the comment spammers have found me, I’ve “arrived!” 😀

  • Yeah, that’s what I thought when it happened to me. Just wait until you get hit with hundreds of spam comments and trackbacks every day. If you don’t use Akismet yet, better start looking into it.

  • BTW, as for the Google spam: are you looking at the fundamental text, or just how it displays in a browser? Often the search string is buried in the link HTML code, under the REL tag (e.g., rel=”itsok”). Check there. I got one of those as recent as last March.

    Even if it’s not there, it’s still almost certainly not from Google. Back in 2004, I got a spam very similar to that. The URL in the URL field was google.ru, and the text was simply “Hello!” That was it. It could still be a test of some sort, but with the lowlifes who make life miserable for the rest of us, there’s no way to tell if they’re just being lowlifes, just like vandals sometimes like destroying other people’s property for no reason, except maybe they think it’s funny to screw with your head. Delete their comments and pay them as little attention as you can.

  • I actually installed Akismet yesterday, and interestingly enough it caught your most recent comment as spam! Well I’m hopefull it will learn better as time goes on. I’ll take a peek at the source of the next comment spam I get, I didn’t even think to look to see if there was a link hidden in it somewhere. Thanks for the reminder!

  • It undoubtedly thought it was spam because I quoted spam text directly–in that regard, it did a good job. Most people don’t write common spam text strings in their comments…

  • Akismet caught your last reply also… interesting, I wonder what its logic is. I suppose I could spend time taking it apart but really it’s not worth it to do so. I’ll just let it do its job. 🙂

  • It’ll probably catch this one too. I’m guessing that it works like Movable Type’s SpamLookup, and caches the IP addresses of comments it’s tagged as spam before, filtering out any future attempts to comment from the same IP address. I just hop that that’s not being fed into a wider database…

  • maybe its the word “spam”? lol

  • Not sure guys… but both of the last 2 comments got through just fine. I guess Akismet really is learning after all? 🙂

    Also the comment spams seem to have slowed WAY down or even stopped. I was away for a week on business and now that I’m back, it caught a few spams but basically nothing really happened while I was away. Good news for the moment I suppose…


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