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This tool suddenly got a LOT more useful to me!

I’ve had Website Position Wizard ever since it was first announced, and when the paid “Pro” version was released, I jumped on the upgrade. As mass ranking-check programs go, this one was the easiest to work with in terms of push a single button and get all your results. Only thing was, I had to run it manually every day if I wanted daily data. Yes, I could’ve written an AutoHotKey script to automate the process, but that takes time and frankly it just never seemed to warrant that much effort.

Well much to my pleasant surprise, Dave has released an update to WPW that includes, among other things, an integrated scheduler! So now it will automatically check all my indexing for me on a daily basis, and it stores all tha data in a database (flat-file, not SQL) so that I can see the trends over time. If I really want, I can even import the data into Excel to create graphs of what’s happening on my sites. There’s also the ability to import a list of keywords and find out where a given domain ranks for that specific keyword list too – so no more knowing you’re in Google for a certain phrase, but wondering WHERE exactly in Google you are! Now you’ll KNOW.

A very VERY big upgrade in my opinion, and it was free to all existing users. I highly recommend this program if you want a reasonably low cost (even FREE!), but feature-filled index & rank checker. I have previously written about & used Indexing Tracker, and it is a good product. However, I ran into a few minor annoyances with it that proved to be irritating enough that I pretty much didn’t use it. When Dave’s free WPW came along, I found it was at least equal to the tasks of Indexing Tracker, if maybe not quite as “pretty” as far as the interface was concerned. But functionality won out, and I stuck with WPW, especially with the “pro” upgraded features. Definitely the winner, hands down.

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