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Tired of AdSense? Time to kick things up?

Whether you’re a portal builder who’s gotten hammered recently by yet another round of search engine changes, or you just want to add yet another stream of revenue to your online business… I think we all need to know more about selling products instead of just chasing clicks.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly bought plenty of things through clickbank. I’ve even considered selling my own products that way. Then I start to think of all the time involved in creating the product, in putting up the web site, making all the order links & systems work properly, handling affiliates & customers, etc. Too much headache! So, I’ve not done it yet.

Then I saw this thing about “Dominating Clickbank” the other day. At first I thought “oh here we go again… another hyped up, overblown marketing tactic that worked for someone once, and now that it doesn’t work he’s selling it to me. How kind of him.

On reading the sales page however, I noticed something that made me smack myself in the forehead at not having thought of it myself. One of those “how could I be THAT dumb??” moments.

The idea of simply buying someone ELSE’s resale rights product, and putting it up on Clickbank for sale! Now you’re not handling customers because it’s not your product, and you don’t need a web site because you can point to theirs much of the time, or at worst just put up their pre-built resale rights website with just a few tweaks. And now the best part is, you’ve got every other hungry affiliate marketer out there scouring Clickbank for a product to sell, and I’d bet most of them simply look for what pays them the most commission… and that could be “your” new product!

Now they do all the work for you, and you go put up another product. Even if each one just sells a few per month, it will be massively profitable compared to what you spend. ANd if you’ve got a good product with a good sales page, it could sell a few per day week easily, possibly much more.

I see it as similar to portal sites… you have lots of sites that make a little bit of money, and add them all together and it’s a tidy sum. But you ALSO have a few sites that happen to do REALLY well and might make the same or more as all the rest put together. It’s “The Long Tail” at work, and I think it can be replicated here too.

So I jumped on it and bought the product. I need to add product selling to my arsenal, I’m just not as diversified as I should be in terms of my income streams. I have several, and should always be adding more!

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