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To My Friendly Neighborhood Comment Spammer

I have been repeatedly comment spammed recently by someone or someones. I haven’t spent enough time on it to bother seeing if it’s the same IP on all of them or not.

Bottom line is – you are wasting your time (even though they are clearly being automated – and in an odd sort of way, for that I commend you! =) I just go into my admin panel and mass-delete the comments with one button push. It is at most, mildly amusing/annoying. However you should know that I went ahead and contacted various channels and pointed them in your direction, so it’s possible you’ll get a phone call/email/visit in the near future to, er… kindly ask you to stop.

But then again I can hit delete every few days without it hampering me much. Either way, it’s still a waste of time & resources on your part, but… to each their own!

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