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Tracking, Spying, and Landing Page Generation…

I got an email asking me about these 3 topics and some specific tools, over on the Warrior Forum. I thought it was worth posting my reply here.

You mention 3 needs… tracking, spying, and landing page creation. For tracking, Affiliate Radar is the first such product I’ve used, and I’ve been totally blown away by the developers and their willingness to create exactly what their users want. I feel really confident in them and their ability to stay on the cutting edge – in no small part because Mark Roth is a PPC marketer himself (though in a MUCH bigger league than us little folk lol) and so he really does understand what marketers need and why.

For spying… I bought AdSpyPro and got a refund. The whole concept is actually flawed in my opinion. In fact, you might want to download the free report over at http://www-affiliateradar.net if you haven’t already. The Spy Tool Conspiracy… very interesting. In my opinion, those tools are all being sold on what looks like a GREAT idea ON PAPER. But in reality, the whole concept is hugely and dangerously flawed. I don’t even plan to bother using AdSpyPro at this point, which is why I got the refund… it simply did not and CAN NOT live up to the sales page.

Now for landing page creation… funny you should mention that. I have actually created a dynamic landing page generation script that, in my opinion, does exactly what the PPC marketer needs. It will create a custom landing page for whatever keyword the searcher is looking for, with extra content (RSS feed, affiliate datafeeds, etc.) to add relevancy for the PPC bots, to lower your bids. So for example…


would produce a landing page all about “Best Online Dating Site Colorado” and display your “Online Dating” offer page, provided you had one anyway, and provided that keyword was on your keyword list. The title and meta tags would include your keyword, and other content would be stuffed in as well.

I happen to think this is precisely what people are after, if they do PPC landing pages. I’ve been asked a lot if I am selling it, and at the moment I’m not. But, I’ve made the program available free of charge to members of the PPCFormula forum.

Honestly if you are in a position to spend some money, but want to do it wisely and get the maximum return, my opinion is to invest in KNOWLEDGE rather than TOOLS, unless the knowledge you already have is making you money and you just need the tools to go faster. If PPC is really where your focus is, I think you would get a ton out of the PPCFormula course. The private forum is amazing, and I’ve watched several people who bought it at the same time I did (around Jan/Feb) take off and do huge things with it – i.e. $10k/mo+ net profit. There are some fantastic people there who are really willing to help out. I’m not sure of the course price right now, but it’s not a super cheap product – it’s 4 CDROMs, 2 DVDs, and 6 bound workbooks that get shipped to you. The quality is very high, but it IS a bit technical and really isn’t geared for newbies.

Now that being said… I of course am an affiliate for PPCF, and am happy as can be to have people buy through my link. HOWEVER… the fact is you can get a better deal at least for a while. Affiliate Radar has a One Time Offer for the PPCF course at a steep discount. I’m not sure how much, but I know it’s a big discount. So what I’m getting at is, if you’ve been thinking of getting AR anyway, and want to maximize your PPC potential, buying the PPCF would give you access to the course material, the private forum, AND my landing page generator software, by virtue of being a member.

WHEW! OK so I like to type, in case you couldn’t tell… 😉

That’s my take on all this stuff. SpeedPPC is also an awesome tool but is pricey at $500. Again, if you’re already making money but want to go much faster, I think you can’t beat it. But it’s not really for newbies… if you are making unprofitable campaigns, it will just allow you to make more of them. LOTS more.

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