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Trying a new free macro/scripting program…

So far I must say I am VERY impressed. Though far more sophisticated (and therefore, challenging to learn) than most Macro programs, I’m finding that the logic in its design, plus the built in help file, has me creating flawless macro scripts in nothing flat. You can get it a www.downloads.com by clicking here –> AutoHotKey

It will be helpful if you have at least some familiarity with programming languages and logic trees, since AutoHotKey can handle conditional events and If-Then logic as well as Do While loops. But the help file is very thorough and has lots of examples to help you along.

Powerful stuff here!!

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Name: macroking

2 thoughts on “Trying a new free macro/scripting program…

  • Man, you’ve just saved me a ton of time with this tool. Could of done with this earlier when i was trying to script inserting break tags. Mucho thanks for you files and tools.

  • macroking Post author

    You’re very welcome, and thanks for dropping by!

    Incidentally, for just inserting #BREAK# tags (I assume that’s what you mean, for RSS2Blog), try using Excel. I have another post in the Excel category with my spreadsheet in it that I use for creating proper formatted links. If you haven’t already gotten it, grab it and look it over, should be able to figure out what I’ve done in it and adapt it to your needs.

    As for scripting, AHK is really insanely powerful… I have barely even begun to scratch the surface of what it can do, and I am extremely excited at the possibilities. The hard part for me is anticipating another person’s system… so many variables, what works on my machine might not work at all elsewhere. Oh well, guess I’ll just keep putting free stuff out and let people tell me what works & what doesn’t! 😉


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