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Ummm… all I can say is – WOW!

I’ve been out for a few hours so hadn’t been watching my sites. I got back and popped open my traffic tracking software and… thought for sure there was some massive error in the data. After investigating further, it’s no error.

By the end of today, I will have exceeded my daily unique visitors from a month ago, by a factor of TWENTY. That’s right, my traffic (in terms of unique IP addresses) today, is 20 times larger than it was just under 1 month ago, on July 5th.

HOLY !!@$!

Of course, this is what I’ve been working towards for months now, but it’s still quite shocking to look at one’s stats and see a HUGE spike like this. Shocking, and more than a little exciting. 😀 I’m also quite relieved to see my dedicated server is handling the load admirably.

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  • What tools / tactics are you using for the massive traffic? Blogomatix, Blogsolution, PGI, etc?

  • A little bit of a bunch of different things actually… but the bulk of the traffic was actually to my NicheCreator pages. I have not duplicated that particular day again yet, but did get close once more. Overall my average daily traffic has held at a 4 to 6 fold increase however. It is primarily due to the subject matters I have been targeting. I am using Brainstorm Generator quite heavily for identifying target niches & words. I can find loads of subject matter that have large traffic but very low SE competition this way. Definitely a highly useful tool… though I wish it were faster, that’s more a function of the services it has to query and not its fault.


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