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UNCS 3.0 is coming…

I’m going to make this available for sale one more time, as well as upgrading all former owners free of charge. Go to https://macroking.com/uncs.htm if you want to be notified of 3.0 availability. I’m not sure how many copies I’ll make available this time, but I’ll at least make it available to everyone who signs up on the announcement list. I anticipate I should have everything ready and documented within a couple of weeks at most. I haven’t yet settled on a price, but it will be higher than before.

Additionally, if you need NicheCreator and you’ll purchase it now through this link, you’ll receive a copy of UNCS 3.0 FREE. Just send me a copy of your receipt after you’ve purchased NicheCreator, and on confirmation of the affiliate sale I will send you the files.

New features include internal server paths – no more http:// calls, more secure include files so that nobody can view or download your master files, and updated documentation.

All prior UNCS owners are already verified NC owners, and I can send you all a complete set of NC files, ready to go. If you will buy UNCS 3.0 now, you can request a complete set of NC files only after you’ll email me from within the NicheCreator forum itself.

I expect this to be the last update I make to the UNCS method. so if you want it, you have to buy it now. Watch for it soon…

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