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URGENT!! ICANN changes could screw us in the end!

Have you heard???

There are BIG changes proposed to the domain
name registry system – and they are definitely
NOT GOOD for us.

In fact, they could put a lot of us out
of business, or at a minimum subject us
to a massive “tax” – based on the market
value of our domains – every time we go to
renew them.

Got a valuable web business? You might be
facing a $1,000 or $10,000 – or an unlimited
number – boost to your domain name renewal fee.

The Board of Directors of ICANN (they control
many of the major top level domains) are looking
at making this change right now. They call it
“variable pricing.”

So far they’ve slipped it through quietly and
the public comment period ends today. I only
just learned about it late last night.

Domain name madness…

Some people worry about the power of Google.

There’s only one force on the Internet that
I worry about and that’s the institutions that
control the domain name system.

Why? Because they have the power to change
the domain name rules radically.

Who cares? You might care if when you domain
name comes up for renewal, the charge is $1,000,
or $10,000 – or whatever the market can bare.

That’s impossible, right? Not only is in not
impossible, but ICANN – the domain regulation
entity that controls .org, .info and .biz – has
that very proposal on the table right now.

If they get away with it, you can be sure that
Verisign which administers the .com domain will
not be far behind.

The public comment period ends Today.

Here’s what we need to do:

1. Go to the ICANN web page that discusses this:


2. Compose a letter that opposes the “variable
pricing of domain names” and send it to each of the
three e-mail addresses listed on the web page –
for .org, .info, and .biz

3. If you need ideas of things to write, just
read the comments that others have posted which
are on the page.

4. If you are a business owner who uses the web,
let them know that you are and that you oppose
this radical change to the domain system.

5. The key phrase is “variable pricing”, so at a
minimum put something like “No to variable pricing”
or “Opposed to variable pricing” in your subject line.

In the body add something like “As a small business
owner who has made a considerable investment in
developing the domain names I own, I am firmly
opposed to the variable pricing of domain names
by the .org registry.”

Send a separate note for .biz and .info.

The comment posting information is all here:


Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Some of us are working hard to try to extend the public
comment period, but don’t count on getting a second
shot at going on the record.

Variable pricing of domains by the registries is a
terrible idea for web site owners.

ICANN and Verisign enjoy a government granted
monopoly. The current system – which works fine
and serves the Internet community – should be kept
as it is.

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