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Wait, you DON’T HAVE EXCEL?!??

OK, if you don’t already have Excel and you do ANYTHING on the computer that involves keeping track of things, analyzing things, or sorting things, why on earth would you ever put yourself through NOT having Excel?? Whether you like Microsoft or hate them, it doesn’t much matter. Excel rules, period. So what the heck… here’s a link where you can Get Excel. Just a plain ol’ Amazon affiliate link, but don’t feel obliged to buy it there if you’d rather get it locally. Get it wherever/however you can find it for the best price. Personally, I have a friend who works for MS so I got it for an employee price. 😉 Hey, it’s all about using WHATEVER advantages you’ve got.

Anyway, seriously. Get Excel. It’s one of the absolute most important tools anyone doing anything with large amounts of data (and NOT just numbers!! Don’t think it’s just for accountants!) can ever have in their toolkit.

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