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Want to check your indexing en masse for free?

Dave W. over on the NC forum just posted this and gave me permission to re-post it here, so this is really hot off the presses!


Check this out! It’s awesome and FREE! I just recently got and subsequently recommended Indexing Tracker, which is quite excellent and much “prettier” than Dave’s new tool, but Website Position Wizard is pure utility. It does what it needs to do quickly, easily, and even has some nice historical data tracking that IT is missing. All in all, Dave is coming out with some truly fantastic stuff and continues to do so here.

Go get this now, you’ll be glad you did!

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Name: macroking

2 thoughts on “Want to check your indexing en masse for free?

  • Hi Jonathan,
    I noticed you are working out a course for us in one of your posts! I was just thinking we should all should petition you to teach a course walking us through everything one step at a time so we could figure things out faster, for us who aren’t as savvy as the rest.

    Thanks for all your info. You are a constant amazement!

    Juanita Bellavance

  • macroking Post author

    Well thank you so much for your warm words of encouragement. I’ve been taking on “students” one at a time privately, but it seems obvious that a better use of my time would be to leverage it into a book (or books) or course of some kind, to help get people over many of the technical hurdles they encounter.

    There are already SO many eBooks, courses, etc. etc. on “how to make money online”, but none of them seem to address overall technical knowledge/competency. They may give you a 1-2-3 recipe for doing a particular thing, but I think that can be as much a disservice as anything, as the person doesn’t REALLY know what they just did, even if it works. I mean, if you were told to get into that thing over there called a “car”, and twist the silver thing called a “key”, and when you heard a steady rumbling noise, to step on the skinny pedal to the right – and doing so caused you to move – would you say you now know how to drive? I wouldn’t… I’d say you were given some steps which acheived a result, but without really understanding what you did, you’re likely to just get into a wreck!

    Anyway, we’ll see where it all goes. For now, I share what I can through this blog… in fact, I really need to post more often, I’ve just been buried in my own work since the holidays. Thanks for the friendly reminder that people DO visit this place! 🙂


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