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Woah, a dirt cheap huge article database?

I should start off by saying I have NOT used this database yet. Honestly, I’ve been mostly avoiding articles up to this point because they are a pain to integrate! However, this has me about to change my mind. I’m still teetering on the edge personally, but I know some of you are specifically looking for a good article database solution, because we’ve talked about it. Anyway, if you’ve been after something along these lines but didn’t want to pay a big monthly fee, check this out. At the holiday price of $47, this may be pretty dang hard to beat. No it’s not ArticleMiner or whatever other article system, but it just might solve a problem and is really cheap. The integrated rotation functions are a big part of what has me intrigued. Oh and of course, the idea of having article snippets as content for a site, that are keyword specific and will rotate.

Oh also any of you that use NicheCreator, or are handy with template editing, here’s a great deal that was mentioned on the NC forum. Take a look at http://www.dannymedia.info and you can get some really nice looking templates, for really cheap, and help a kid make a few bucks!

Sorry I haven’t posted more personal tips & such recently, one of my other businesses has been running me a bit ragged lately with some unexpected… er… surprises, yeah that’s it. So I was away for 4 days and may have to fly out of town again in just another few days. Ugh! Everything does always seem to happen all at once, don’t you agree?

Once things calm down a bit, I want to get going on finishing a few AutoHotKey projects I’ve been working on, that I think you’ll all enjoy and find useful. Until then, I’ll try to keep posting things I find that seem to fill a need, help you work faster, or solve a problem.

Happy holidays all!

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